PE Kit

To take part in PE it is imperative that all children have a FULL PE kit in school at all times to include:

P.E. Boys/Girls (Summer)                       P.E. Boys/Girls (Winter/Cold Weather)

White Academy T-shirt or plain white t-shirt   White Academy T-shirt or plain white t-shirt

Navy shorts                                                           Navy shorts

White socks (Sport’s socks Ideal)                         White socks (Sport’s socks Ideal)

Plimsolls – for indoor activities                              Plimsolls – for indoor activities

Trainers – for outdoor games                                Trainers – for outdoor games

Football boots (optional extra)                               Football boots (optional extra)

                                                                               Long tracksuits bottoms

                                                                               Long tracksuit tops

                                                                               Optional thin running jacket                                                                                              Thermal compression tops (Skins)

                                                                                Gloves (Not allowed for sports involving hands e.g.


NB: For children with a verruca, it is recommended that a specialist gymnastics shoe is worn.  This will enable them to use the fixed equipment, as the sole of the shoe is flexible enough to grip the floor and apparatus.  An example of this type of shoe can be seen by clicking this link Gymnastic Shoe

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