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Friends of Bourton Meadow - PTA

Who Are We?

The Friends of Bourton Meadow is the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for Bourton Meadow Academy. It is run by a committee of parents who work throughout the year organising activities for the children and fundraising events that involve the whole school and the wider community.

The FoBM Committee 2019-20


Heidi Young – Y2

Vice Chair

Tracey Steventon – Y1


Sheryne Shillingford-Reed – FII & Y2


Louise Dallaway – Y4

Lizzie Hall – Y4

Committee Members

Claire Barrett – Y4

Jenni Parks – Y1

Sally Payne – Y2 & Y5

Becky Tattersall – FII

Our aim is to support the school by raising additional funds for equipment that the school budget is unable to provide. We do this by running a few main events throughout the school year.

If you have any questions, comment of feedback please speak to one of us or email us at

Achievements Thus Far




Raised over £13,000 which was added to the previous year’s fundraising and use to fund the Multi Use Games Area (£40k) as well as Sound Proofing for the hall and Bourton Centre (£8.9k).


Raised over £24,000 which was carried over to go towards the Multi Use Games Area.


Donated over £3000 to fund the pond renovations which were completed in January 2017.


Funded over £5,000 towards kitting out the new library and provided funding for the new KS2 playground.


Raised over £8,600 and provided new playground equipment and audio equipment to the school.


Funded £2,500 to refurbish the Nursery Kitchen.


Current Projects

Our current project is to raise funds to improve the crossing directly in front of the school so a lollipop person can be recruited and trained to ensure children are able to cross the busy road safely to and from school.

Any additional funds raised will go towards upgrading the school ICT provisions.

Friends of Bourton Meadow – What's on Next?




22nd October 2019

Spooktacular Halloween Discos


7th December 2019

Christmas Fair


28th December 2019

Aylesbury Panto

June 2020 TBC

Rainbow Run

June 2020 TBC

Sports Day Refreshments


2019-20 Meeting Schedule

All meetings take place from 19:30 at Villiers Hotel, 3 Castle Street, Buckingham, MK18 1EQ

Everyone involved with the school is welcome at attend all meetings.





Wednesday, 9th October

Thursday, 16th January

Thursday, 7th May

Tuesday, 5th November

Wednesday, 12th February

Wednesday, 3rd June

Wednesday, 4th December

Thursday, 12th March

Thursday, 2nd July


Wednesday, 8th April



Annual General Meeting

The 2019-20 Friends of Bourton Meadow AGM was held on Thursday, 26th September 2019. The officials and committee for the coming year were elected and new parents introduced to the PTA.



Next Up -

  • Friday 12th May - MUGA Mini Marathon
  • Sunday 14th May - FoBM run the Buckingham Half Marathon
  • Saturday 27th May - Circus Pazaz and mini Fete
  • Friday 21st July - Schools Out and School Music Festival/Disco
Supporting Bourton Meadow Academy
Helping raise funds for extras resources

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