House Incentives & Rewards House Point Tokens

Every child in the academy is allocated a House; Jaguars, Gazelles, Wolves, Antelopes, Tigers, Lions, Kangaroos or Panthers.

Family groups are put in the same house and will remain in this house throughout their time at Bourton Meadow, unless changes have to be made due to children leaving or joining the academy and house numbers becoming uneven.

Children can earn 1 point or 3 point tokens for their houses. Tokens are given out by members of staff or visitors for positive behaviour which reflects our Academy Values e.g. holding doors open, looking after a friend, helping to solve a problem, using initiative. All members of staff will be provided with tokens and additional tokens can be collected from the school office.

Each year group will have a set of House Point Boxes. The children are responsible for putting their tokens in their House Point Box. Tokens are counted weekly by designated Year 6 pupils who will also input data into a spreadsheet ready to report on house point progress during assembly. All the children in the house with the most tokens at the end of each term will be invited to participate in a special house event. 

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