Our Vision

1. Our Vision

At Bourton Meadow we nurture every child to fulfil their whole potential.


2. Our Mission Statement:

At Bourton Meadow we understand that developing positive relationships is the key to building a successful learning community. Our adults act as role models for the children, demonstrating mutual respect and enthusiasm for learning. They take a genuine interest in every child, getting to know them, their interests and using this information to plan exciting, creative and engaging learning experiences. We believe that by nurturing the children with love and care, we develop the best conditions for them to grow.

There is no limit to the expectations we have of the children or ourselves. We believe in the potential of each one of our children and in return they believe in themselves and soar. Our “can do” attitude means we are always thinking of ways we can adapt our practice to enable each child to excel. Our mantra is “what can WE do…” where the adults see themselves as facilitators and going above and beyond is the norm.

We are a community. We are not confined to the school hours and building - the same positive relationships we nurture our children with are developed with parents and carers so that we can work together to ensure there are no barriers to our children succeeding.

Ours is a truly child centred approach. They are at the heart of everything we do and we measure our success on their happiness, how far they have come and that they are prepared with all the skills to take the next step on their journey.

Our promise to every child:

  • We will keep you safe and secure
  • We will have the highest expectations of you by challenging you to fulfil your potential
  • You will be listened to and treated fairly – you have a voice
  • You will finish each school day with more than you had when you started
  • We will care and be interested in what makes you the person you are 
  • We will equip you with all the skills you need to contribute to society and succeed in your future learning
  • We will celebrate all of your achievements


Mrs L Berry,

Headteacher, Bourton Meadow Academy

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